ADC-DAK Amsterdam has English speaking employees 

What ADC-DAK roofing i.e. can do for you :

Repairs, renovations, chimney´s, gutters, pipes, drains etc.

Many kinds of materials for many methods of roofing.

Roof terrasses, sky lights.

Steel constructions, like balcony's and stairs.

+ When you take a year contract for maintenance, you also will get the first repair FREE of charge !

+ We can deal with the insurance company for you, concerning calamity's, damages and so on.

+ Free estimate / roof inspection, no obligations.

We not only do our work clean, we also clean-up after the job is done. 
Your house / company stays clean during our work period, because we are trained in that.
We also pre-produce parts of projects in our workplace, when applicable, and that will make less mess on the workspot, plus it will save you time being at the project.

Flat roofs
Tile roofs
Ley roofs
Shed roofs
Roof isolation
Roof repair
Roof terras
Zink gutters
Steel constructions  
like balcony's, stairs, for many purpose's